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Set in 's Paris, the movie is about an American who gets close to two people he at first thinks are a couple and then is told they are actually twin siblings. Kick-Ass 2's brutal assault. It's hard to read, and would have been even harder to watch, which was why the filmmakers decided to drastically alter the scene for the Kick-Ass 2 movie. It was that forgettable I guess. Anyway, feel free to write a better list, and link me to it, and I will make sure to read it and find finite things wrong it as well. Compelling it may have been, but upon reflection, Disney decided the shock collars struck the wrong chord. When something just shocks to be shocking, it loses all the appeal of a good shock. Robert February 15, Good call, though. I wish they can actually make it happen.

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I live in NYC and that movie made me swear never to raise kids in the city. Danelhombre February 15, Pages: 1 2 Next page. Russel's Sundance break-out film Spanking the Monkey as Raymond.

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Robert February 15, Good call, though. Profound revelations about the nature of the human animal that have left me shaken to my core.

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I saw the first picture on this article of Jennifer Connelly and automatically remembered that scene. Whether it was for revenge, love, or just because they were ignorant of their connections, the incest in these movies is usually hotter than it should be. Described accurately as Curb Your Enthusiasm reinterpreted by Michael Haneke, the film begins with a quietly life-altering incident: a massive avalanche roars toward a ski resort and stops short, not harming a single soul.

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Affiliate links used when available. Every now and then, a brave or an admittedly controversial director will shoot a particularly taboo scene. I grimaced. To avoid blowing their cover, a reluctant Max has to have his testicles inspected by judges. That would have been a cop out. Think this will be an ongoing series of articles for me. The type of scene other directors would be too afraid to touch. Probably so I can freak the hell out and consider walking out of that movie, too.

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Great list. Fortune often favors the bold when it comes to making movies , but just because a film's director is willing to push the boundaries of decency in the name of making compelling entertainment doesn't always mean they're guaranteed to get away with it. I can admit that as a man, and so should you.

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Spilling guts in Scream. The plane was swiftly changed to a spacecraft and the cityscape replaced by mountains. Guy from the subway scene: put him in an iron maiden.

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