Dolphins and humans mate for pleasure. Animals Besides Humans that Mate for Pleasure | Sciencing

Dolphins and humans mate for pleasure. 5 surprising facts about dolphin sex from their love of eels to having bisexual tendencies

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Research Suggests Dolphin Clitorises Are Like Human Clitorises, But Better Placed | Inside Science

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Given the popularity that dolphins enjoy, it is certainly understandable that at least some of the information available in the media, the internet and from the minds of our fellow human beings is not always scientifically sound. Here are 5 commonly heard myths concerning dolphins. Number 3 Dolphins are one of the only animals to have sex for pleasure This particular myth tends to pop up with regularity in conversation whenever the subject turns to sex. Even the writers at the ever vigilant snopes. The problem here is that volumes could be and have been written on the definition of sexual behavior in animals and the description of pleasure. The ultimate cause of this behavior is reproduction, but the proximate cause can be any combination of stimuli that happen to be present at the moment; pheromones, visual stimuli, etc.